Advantages to Property Owners

You should expect tailored solutions from your property management team.

Some property owners want to manage their properties.
~ You may use our services solely to find quality tenants and negotiate leases.
Some owners enjoy doing their own property maintenance.
~ We can help guide you on what is needed now vs. what can wait.
Most owners want full service management solutions that cover everything from property preparation, leasing, rent collection, bill paying, maintenance, and records keeping.
Our purpose is to free you to live your life without being tied down to your property. We show your property, collect rent, pay bills, recommend & supervise maintenance.Some of the many benefits you’ll receive from our full service solutions are:
  1. Market based rental analysis: Know that you are asking and getting a fair monthly rent.
  2. A Sound Lease Agreement: Our lease agreement is consistent with state law.
  3. Effective Advertising: Your property is advertised using modern social media and traditional, proven methods.
  4. Less Vacancies: We find andĀ keep quality tenants in your units.
  5. More Stable & Reliable Tenants: Our investigative reports screenĀ tenants BEFORE they move in.
  6. No More Calls from Tenants: We take the phone calls to handle and solve most tenant concerns.
  7. Lower Maintenance Costs: We contract with licensed services providers, often at a lower rate.
  8. Minimal Record Keeping: Get meaningful reports with itemized breakdowns of income & expenses.
  9. No More Emergency Calls: Our tenant emergency phone line is answered 24/7.
  10. Let us help you focus your time and money on areas that get you a greater return.

To learn more about our services please call us at (316) 263-9122.