Our Team






Since 1966, Bristol Crown, LLC. has served the Midwest with as many as 10,000 units (homes) at a time. Our company continues our mission of connecting owner’s with their business goals and tenants with their dream homes.

Kyle Hughes, Partner

Chief Executive Officer

Email: office@jonescompanyappraisers.com

Kyle has earned a reputation as one of the top certified residential appraisers in the state of Kansas.

He was a close friend of Thomas Reid, our firm’s founder, and has served as our CEO since January 1st, 2014.



Karen Reid, Partner

Director of Property Management

Email: bristolcrown@gmail.com

Phone: (316) 263-9122

Karen has served at Bristol Crown, LLC. for over 32 years.  Her late husband, Thomas, founded the company in 1966.

The couple built the firm from the ground-up and eventually managed over 10,000 units (homes/ apartments/ duplexes) in over four states.


Yoland Bailey, Secretary/Treasurer

Accounting & Finance

Email: yoland.bailey@att.net

Phone: (316) 263-9122

Yoland is a former commercial bank officer and is also CEO of TXM Corporation, which serves community banks and insurance agencies in 7 states. Yoland has owned and managed rental properties, giving him insight into what property owners want to see in their monthly reports. He has also owned retail businesses, a mortgage loan brokerage, and has chaired finance committees for churches.


We are looking for additional Team Members: Call or send email to Yoland.

— Part-time Office Assistant wanting 20 hours a week. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and QuickBooks a plus!
— Maintenance staff. Painting, handyman/handywoman, prepare properties to lease.